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Welcome to Jack B’s Official Site!

Welcome to Jack B’s Official Site! published on


to the Jack B: Ride the Air Website

I’m so glad you made it to the website. I’ve create all this with the hope that you all can be immersed in a world that is filled with endless possibilities.

Note from The Creator

Jack B: Ride the Air comes from a place deep in my soul. As a youngish black man, I grew up not understanding my talents and abilities for what they were. Jack B: Ride the Air puts on display the power of youth when you harness it through competition, drive, determination, and hope. They create amazing feats through ingenious ideas and rapid fire instincts. That’s all you need to change the world.

The Origin Story

The concept for Jack B: Ride the Air was born from a concept art contest in which I never submitted a finalized piece. It required that I take a nursery rhyme, pick a character from it and transform that character so that he or she fit into a post apocolyptic world. I chose jack and the candlestick.

A few months later while revisiting my sketch books for ideas, I stumbled upon my first drawing of Jack. I decided to give him a redesign for fun. That is what resulted in the flight jacket look you see today. The rest was the journey from 2009 to today.