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The Jack Backstory

The Jack B: Ride the Air in a nutshell

Think “a roller derby set in the sky”. Jack and the WeFlyHi crew set out to take the new sport of Skyriding to impossible heights. Skyriding was created when some young, bright kids “borrowed” an advanced Air Filtration Unit and reconfigured it into rocket boots.

What is Skyriding?

Skyriding is the performance of aerial maneuvers (tricks) using the A5 AFT System. These maneuvers can be performed while trying to complete a challenge or, simply, to see what is possible. Sure, a race seems simple enough. But involving some custom manuevers and advanced techniques can throw off any rider and guarantee the victory!

Rocket Boots…Really?

They’re not just “rocket boots”. Rather, they’re called “Project A5 Air Filtration Turbines”, but the kids call them AFTs for short. Originally, they were designed as carbon filtration units for small areas to help eliminate air pollution. At an extremely high velocity, the ‘rocket’ turbines would absorb the surrounding air through a filter and release clean air. The units could also store clean air and release it periodically to ensure cleaner air in carbon-dense areas. Though the filtration units boomed in the industry, the younger minds began to tweak them for their own purposes.

The Origins of Skyriding

The original filter, or the A2, was an abandoned project. Funding companies realized the true innovation was the turbine rotation technology and its efficiency in power consumption. Before labs were shut down, the original scientists continued to evolve the technology despite the lack of funding.Often times they’d bring their kids to the abandoned labs and made them clean and tinker with the older defunct tech. The kids began to tinker with the old A2 prototypes and soon discovered they could float with the air released from the filters. From that moment forward, it became a mad dash to see who could convert these machines to achieve flight capabilities.

So, why is it a sport?

Originally, Skyriding wasn’t a sport. The sport was formed by kids who were bored of being bored. They began having secret competitions for who can float the longest, who’s the fastest in the air, and all sorts of other games. After a few years of a slow, but steady, growth, a formal system was created.  The kids started sporadic meet-and-greets, but then factions gradually formed. Some based on talent, some based on competition, and others based on friendship, thus forming the Jack B: Ride The Air universe!

And what does this have to do with Jack and WeFlyHi?

Jack and his teammates represent a “changing of the guard”. Jack is part of the second wave of Skyriders a.k.a. The New Aces. There are still old faces at the top and they’re not trying to give up their spot. Jack and his team are destined for greatness. The collision course is clear. No one knows of they’re greatness yet, but its just a matter of time before they do.