Staying inspired while working on Jack B: Ride the Air

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Inspiration can be that elusive creature in the forrest at night that just pops out at you. You don’t even realize it’s there until it’s there. However with a few key practices any one can stay motivated. Here’s what I do while I work on Jack B: Ride The Air.

#1 | A Photo Blog

I, like most people, have a tumblr blog that just houses pictures that I find and like.
I also have a set of pinterest boards for a similar purpose.
I use them just to give me visual cues and to provide a starting point for any research I may do when create new art work.

#2 | Deviant Art

Community is uber important especially when your starting out and need people to bounce ideas off of. Deviant art is a place where some of that back and forth can be achieved.

#3 | Follow artist on Social Media

Once connecting with other artists and checking out their pages etc. you get to see a wealth of new artwork and progression work. It allows you to get in their head and as an artist it helps me solve my problems by looking at how others solved theirs.