Being Black and Creative | NYCC 2013 Wrap Up

In a time long before there was even a New York Comic Convention (NYCC), I was a kid who didn't read comics. Unlike most people I didn't start my love for comic book characters by ... more

The Jack B Backstory

The Jack B: Ride the Air Treatment Think "a roller derby set in the sky". Jack and the WeFlyHi crew set out to take the new sport of Skyriding to impossible heights. Skyriding was created when some young, bright kids "borrowed" an advanced Air Filtration Unit and reconfigured it into rocket boots. What is Skyriding? Skyriding is the performance of aerial maneuvers (tricks) using the A5 AFT System. These maneuvers can be performed while trying to complete a challenge or, simply, to see if anything's possible. Sure, a race seems simple... more
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