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Who is Ghost?

Ghost is, arguably, one of the best Sky Riders out. Ironically, no oneĀ  knows who this person is. Ghost earned his name from his fellow Divide and Glide member, Ladi, when she noticed the ghost on his gloves.

The Mystery

Every sky rider is skeptical of Ghost. It’s assumed that there is more about him than is known. Even Jill, WeFlyHi’s “Info Queen”, doesn’t have intel on him. Like a ghost, he fades in during a contest, and mysteriously disappears when everything is over.

Team Dynamics

One day, Ghost mysteriously appeared on the Sky Rider scene and rose to instant fame after nearly beating Dragon in his first race. Even to this day, people say that Ghost let Dragon win. Needless to say, Ghost’s dedication to competing with Dragon has earned him a spot with the Divide and Glide crew.