Eireen Lily Clady


Ready to Snap

Wild Bloom

Who is Ladi?

Ladi is the ice cold right hand of Dragon Heirz. She’s a chilly, calculative, and competitive ex-ballerina who always gets what she wants and only respects power. When she loses her temper watch out! Only Heirz can calm her down.

Ladi and Skyriding

At home Ladi felt like she had to pretend to be nice. She sought out skyriding as a way to be her true self. She sought out the best rider in town at the time to see if she could learn from him or her. She met Drag and formed the Divide and Glide crew.

Team Dynamics

She is a loyal soldier to the team and acts as the team lead when Dragon Heirz is not around. She cares for her team only in that it advances Dragon Heirz greatness. In this pursuit she can be cunning, wild and ferocious to people outside of the crew.