• Juan Carlos de Luna

  • 16

  • Jokey
  • Smooth Operator

Who is Johnny Crowz

Johnny is our girl chasing, goofball. He’s Jack’s oldest friend (They’ve know each other since elementary school). Between the bad jokes and pranks that he pulls off with Moon, Johnny is always paying attention to what’s happening when it comes to his friends.

Crowz and Skyriding

When he first Saw Nikki clearing his building his first thought was…”Whoa she’s kinda cute. Is she the rocket girl of my dreams?” The second thought was…”Wait a minute…she’s riding rocket boots? Hmmm I bet I’d be cooler if I had a pair of those.” From that moment him and Jack went on a mad quest to find Nikki and figure out what and how she was flying through the air.

Team Dynamics

Johnny is always chasing the lady skyriders but his unrequited love is Jill. He’s always plotting pranks with Moon. He’s the only one who can truly make Bazooka laugh. He has a near psychic bond with Jack. He can be weak-willed sometimes so Jack and Nikki play the role of making sure he doesn’t doubt himself too much in his riding skills.