Jillian Aamira Forrester



Flashing Lights

Who is Jill?

The self proclaimed “number 2” of the WeFlyHi crew. She is a popular, slick-talking, information-snooping, graffiti artist that loves to dance in the air. As a ballerina-gone-street, she uses her ballet skills to graciously move in the air.

Jill and Skyriding

Jill sees skyriding as a progression in movement and body control. More importantly, she gets to create artwork in entirely new spaces that were not accessible without skyriding. She sees it as a higher form of dance and art.

Team Dynamics

Her vast network of skyriders provides her with a sense of every team’s strengths and weaknesses. With her info-gathering skills, she loves to develop strategies with her crew. The only person she has friction with is Nikki, yet, no one is sure why.