• Jack Baker Volarro

  • 15

  • Open minded

  • Infinite Possibilities

Who is Jack B?

Jack is the chosen leader and founder of the WeFlyHi crew! He’s a novice sky rider with expert instincts. Nikki describes him as someone who’s “been riding his whole life but doesn’t have any memory of it.” Coupled with his iron will and good nature, he is an unstoppable force in the sky!

Jack & Skyriding

Jack started riding two years ago after seeing Nikki clear Johnny’s six-story building in one jump. After Nikki made his first official pair of boots, he began to practice with her until he mastered the basics. From there, he started improvising techniques and has created his own unique way of skyriding.

Team Dynamics

There is no WeFlyHi without Jack. Though he’s pretty laid back, he has a “never quit” attitude, and has a gravitating personality that lets him play the “connector” role. He has a knack for connecting with  wide variety of people and inspiring them to achieve great things. WeFlyHi wasn’t formed like most crews, but rather, bound together by Jack and his personality. Nikki made the official “we’re a team now!” declaration, with Jack saying “and We Fly Hi!”